Oh, say, can you dissent?

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

After a slammin' week in Denver, we packed up the Mercury Cafe in a whirlwind Thursday night. We survived the major logistical headache Friday morning of getting eight of us CODEPINK nationals and our dozen mammoth suitcases to the airport in one car (thanks, Yellow Cab!), and we flew the hour and a half to Minneapolis. Desiree of the D.C. house, met us at the airport and lumbered us in an enormous four-bench van to our new staff house for the week, a beautiful "shall-let" home of a CODEPINK friend.

Desiree and Nancy, a San Francisco organizer, posted to-do lists and calendars to the wall, placed little sacks of candy on each of our beds, and set out an incredible Middle Eastern spread with baklava, hummus and pita, and fresh fruit. After a week eating at the Merc, albeit seriously incredible organic food, it felt SO lovely to nibble and gab in a warm, homey kitchen again.

But the candy, the fancy pastry and the now-dark crystal lake outside (didn't cha know it's the land of the 10,000 lakes?) -- the sweetness stops there. It's RNC mode, baby. No more Misses Nice Ladies. We can be openly pissed at the past eight years without raining on an Obama parade. Big Oil, AT & T, Halliburton, Republican hawks -- our bull's eyes. A bit more sarcasm, a bit more anger, a bit more calling out. Here in the Twin Cities, if dissent is patriotic, we'll be the biggest flag wavers in the bunch.

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