Occupy Tucson: Sometimes Democracy Gets Back "In Tents"

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

by Mary DeCamp

A quick update on Occupy Tucson: We are back in our tents!  We found a spot of ground that is just outside the city's DeAnza park along the sidewalk where the police will let us stay without citing us. This is happening partially because this park has been infamous for the drugs, prostitution, and violence there.  We approached the 3 Neighborhood Associations surrounding the park and got their full support first, announced to the media that was what we planned to do, and we've been out there for the past 4 nights.  YIPPEE!

I've put up the Code Pink Peace Ribbon every day in the Park.  It is a powerful visual statement and a wonderful backdrop for our encampment.  Thanks once again for allowing Tucson to be the custodians of it for a while!

We also hung the Peace Ribbon at the Charlie King & Karen Brandow concert  we had here Saturday night to call for no more war.  We've had it up at the Really Really Free Market that we hold the third Saturday of every month and at Play Haven for a wonderful open-house at their open house.

And Noam Chomsky and Kevin Zeese are headed to town soon. Life keeps getting better.

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