NO to NATO: An Appeal to the International Peace Movement

NATO-protest-Chicago-Code-Pink.jpgBy: Kristine Karch, Lucas Wirl, Co-Chairs of the No to War/No to NATO Network

Note from CODEPINK staffer Janet Weil: CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin and retired U.S. diplomat and CODEPINK advisor Ann Wright will be attending this series of actions to say No to NATO. Local CODEPINK groups are invited to join Bay Area CODEPINK in holding an action, a press conference or a vigil during the NATO summit and protests.

In the interest of peace, we invite you to participate in the protests of the international network “No to War – No to NATO” against NATO’s summit taking place from July 8-10, 2016, in Warsaw, Poland.

We protest for these reasons:

Join us!


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  • William Rood
    commented 2016-07-08 16:14:25 -0400
    Yes. I want to be part of this, partly because I think it can be successful if we focus on the Europeans. I believe they are ripe. We need to support leaders like Sahra Wagenknecht. leader of the opposition in the Bundestag.

    We will never get the US to stop its belligerence toward Russia. The MIC has to strong a hold on US politics, and Americans are thoroughly brainwashed. Germany and other European countries area different story. They are the ones we should be writing letters to and petitioning. Our own politicians do not listen no matter how many demonstrations or direct actions we perform, but if we were for example to send a petition to Angela Merkel and Sahra Wagenknecht asking them to simply withdraw from NATO, this could have an enormous affect.