No to drone lawyer Barron! Sample tweets

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

David Barron, while at the Justice Department, wrote legal memos authorizing the killing of US citizens by drone. Now, he has been nominated to a judicial position that is just one step below the Supreme Court. His nomination is up for a vote in the Senate soon, and Senator Rand Paul plans to filibuster. Use the hashtags #NoDroneLawyer and #StandWithRand to tweet at your elected officials to let them know you oppose Barron's judgeship appointment and they should make the drone memos available to the public!

Here are some sample tweets….

Hey @SenatorReid, we don’t want a drone lawyer to be a judge! #nodronelawyer

Why isn’t @SenSanders speaking out against drone lawyer David Barron for judge? #nodronelawyer

David Barron ok's killing US citizens w/ drones, #StandWithRand to stop Barron from receiving life judgeship!

Tell your Senator #NoDroneLawyer to be judge! #standwithrand

David Barron rips up the Constitution, don’t let him be rewarded: #standwithrand #nodronelawyer

Are you on @BarackObama’s Kill List approved by drone lawyer David Barron? #nodronelawyer #standwithrand

Lawyer approves killing Americans w/ drones to be judge for life? No way! #StandWithRand & say NO to David Barron!

I #StandWithRand to say no drone lawyer to be judge for life! #nodrones

I #StandWithRand because the lawyer who approved killing Americans w/ drones is not fit to be an important judge!

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