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18th Annual CODEPINK Mother’s Day Bridge Walk for PEACE

MOTHERS and FATHERS OF THE WORLD UNITE:  We Demand ALL Children of the World Have Sufficient Food, Clean Water, Safe Shelter, and skies without bombs or war planes.

In light of US complicity in the ongoing genocide and forced starvation of the people of Gaza, we will put Palestine front and center.  With over 12 thousand children killed and tens of thousands of children hungry and near famine in Gaza alone, not to mention the urgent crisis for the children of Sudan, Ukraine and Haiti, this is an urgent call for the global family to rise up for humanity.  FOOD NOT BOMBS!  DEMILITARIZE NOW!

FOOD to GAZA, not Weapons to Israel. NO TAX $$ for GENOCIDE Not Another Nickel, Not Another Dime, No more Money for Israel’s Crimes. Diplomacy Not War!

Let’s again pay tribute to the original meaning of “Mother’s Day,” a global call to ABOLISH WAR:

We’ll read:  Julia Ward Howe’s (1870) Mother’s Day Proclamation

11:45:  Gather at the  Welcome Center Plaza, on the East (Hill) side of the San Francisco end of bridge.  HERE.

NOON:  March Begins

1:30 pm:  Short Rally after the March on the bridge.

IMPORTANT:   Arrive 30-40 min. Carpool or Take public transportation if you can.  Whose Bridge?  OUR BRIDGE!

Bring your mamas & grandmamas, sons, daughters, and grandchildren….bring the entire family, and friends too!  War is not healthy for children and other living things!

Bring your Kaffiyeh’s, Palestinian Flags, and signs that speak for you.  

Note:  Authorities may restrict you from taking flags on the bridge…..wear it as a cape!

Signs larger than 2x3 ft. may  also be restricted.

Optional:  Bring a simple treat to share to celebrate 18 years of CODEPINK bridge walks, and our Bay Area community’s commitment to peace & justicel

We’ll sing John Lennon’s Imagine, one of Bay Area Troubadour Francis Collin’s  favorite songs!

Francis Collins Presente!




Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center
Golden Gate Bridge Plaza, San Francisco , CA 94129, United States,

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