Mindfulness Day 6 of 21: Mindful Eating, Part 2 (+ A Blessing)


Yesterday, we practiced being present with our food by eating slowly and noticing the texture and taste - some of you said the practice felt joyful; some remarked on the newness of the experience.

Today, we’ll explore another aspect of mindful eating: reflecting on where our food comes from, and practicing gratitude.

Today’s Practice

Choose one meal today for this practice - it can be alone or with others.

As you sit down with your food, take a few conscious breaths.

Gaze at the meal, and notice all of the different ingredients that make it up - reflect on the journey that each took to arrive at your plate, and all of the people, plants and animals involved in the process.

If you’d like, you can say this blessing*:

Thank you for this food.
Thank you to the earth for providing the fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains for us,
Thank you to the farmers who worked so hard in the fields,
Thank you to the people who brought it to the market,
Thank you to our cooks and helpers who put in so much energy that this food could come to us.

May I use the energy of this food to help the people
Who don’t have enough to eat right now,
Who don’t have access to shelter, clothes or medicine,
And may we also use the energy of this food to help the environment and animals.
May all living beings be full of loving kindness.

As you eat, continue to practice presence by taking your time and fully tasting each bite. Afterwards, pause to reflect on any thoughts or desires that arise.

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PS: Yesterday, someone suggested fasting as another powerful mindfulness practice, if your personal circumstances allow. You can read more about Quaid Saifee’s experience on his blog here!

*Thanks to the Mindfulness Project Thailand for this blessing - feel free to adapt and/or make your own. 

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