Mindfulness Day 13 of 21: Mindful Use of Digital Technology


As you read these words, I invite you to take two deep, peaceful breaths. In and out… in and out. You are here now.

In today’s modern world, many of us must navigate the growing role of digital technology in our lives. We may feel constantly “plugged in” through our email, social media, and texting, and staying present and peaceful throughout it all can be a challenge.

Here are a few practices for mindful use of technology I’ve adapted that may help.

Today’s Practice

Today, every time that you:

1. Check your email inbox,
2. Open your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media outlets,
3. Unlock your smartphone,

Simply notice that you are doing this. You can narrate your actions in your head, saying something like Right now, I am checking my email, or Right now, I am scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed.

As you become aware of what you are doing, bring attention to your breath, breathing in and out slowly and deliberately. Feel any tension in your body relax.

Another idea one of you proposed was to program a bell of mindfulness on your computer or smartphone and every quarter of an hour (or as often as you like), the bell sounds so you have a chance to stop, breath and relax. I’ve been using it and love it so far! You can download the mindfulness bell from Plum Village website here.

Good luck, and let me know how your experience went by replying to this email or posting to the Facebook group!

Love and light,

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