Men we ♥ Fridays - Part 3!

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

It warms our hearts to know that we could do a men we heart post every day of the week and have a plentiful roster of candidates! Another Friday and another trilogy of men we ♥...

Andy Shallal. How can one post show our love and devotion to Andy? In case you haven't made the trek to the DC area and had the pleasure of eating, reading, dancing, drinking, crying, laughing in his fabulous establishments--including the revolutionary Bus Boys & Poets-- well, then, you haven't really experienced the beauty that is DC. Andy is an Iraqi-American artist, activist and restaurateur who brought a radical flavor to the nation's capitol as the Iraq War erupted. He has generously hosted CODEPINK events for years--his energy and spirit are an inspiration to us all!  And the catfish plate at Bus Boys will bring you right out of your I-just-spent-the-night-in-jail-for-demanding-the-US-stop-killing-Iraqi-civilians funk. We also heard from our sources that when he recently hosted an Eve Ensler event he got up on stage and announced "As an Iraqi man I never thought I'd be saying the word vagina in public! VAGINA! VAGINA!" Can you get ANY COOLER?? (The answer is no, you can't. Sorry.)

Join CODEPINK at Andy's famous Bus Boys & Poets restaurant on Saturday, March 20 for our Women Say No to War event on the 7th anniversary of the Iraq occupation.  RSVP here for this event featuring Eve Ensler.  Who knows, maybe you'll get a chance to hear Andy proclaim love for Vs again!

Jim Turpin is a bold CODEPINK man for peace hailing from Austin, Texas.  Whether out in the streets in an audacious costume or behind the scenes doing the work to make actions happen, Jim is at every CODEPINK event and protest with a heart of gold (ahem, hot pink!) and energy and passion to make peace happen.  Jim's letters to the editor have been published in the local papers and a photo of him with Austin CODEPINK at a vigil mourning the death of the 1,000th soldier in Operation Enduring Freedom appeared in last week's CODEPINK email alert.  In the words of Austin CODEPINKster Deb, "He happens to be Heidi's hubby but he's a full on equal member of the group in every way.  [Jim]'s a conflict resolution KING and just the sweetest, most lovable dude to boot.  Jim Turpin = Rockstar."

Daniel Ellsberg is the most dangerous man in America! You can read all about Dan here (because it would take a LONG post to really explain his impact on activism, and the truth about lies and our government) and if you haven't seen the new documentary based on his life and role as the Pentagon Papers whistle blower then you should check out the documentary site AND root for the film this Sunday during the Oscars! It is up for Best Documentary! And CODEPINK's Jodie Evans was a producer on the film to boot! Daniel, we are in awe of your courage and we channel it each time we find ourselves about to raise our voices and our signs at a congressional hearing, before we try to slap the cuffs on another war criminal or confront power in our own lives.  We hope to see you up on stage with a statue on Sunday!

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