Medea Benjamin: that woman is worth paying attention to Mr. President

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

By HP Charman MD.

A fearless little CodePink lady upstaged your counter terrorism speech

And challenged every point you were trying to preach

“You can close Guantánamo today”

But you won’t for your critics hold you at bay

Those innocents held without charges for years

Surely harbor justified feelings of revenge and you fear

One of them implicated in a future attack

Would permit your critics to put a knife in your back

And make the tragic ludicrous Benghazi perseveration

A romp in the park in comparison

And while you have justified killing with flowery rhetoric befitting our times

Medea constantly reminds you of your inescapable war crimes

For there is nothing precise about a drone attack

And the innocents killed represent a mark most black

On your soul that in the long run make us less safe for sure

As you are creating enemies by the score

And what about Abdulrahman Al-Alawki the 16 year old

Citizen you killed… And the truth about which you have not told

For what you are doing is giving yourself the right

To judge, to sentence and to kill with a drone on site

She urged you to end now the signature strikes with their

Tortured circular logic that equates age, sex and activity with terror

For with this definition your conscience is assuaged since by definition

Anyone killed is a terrorist and you require no contrition

So Mr. Pres. Nobel prize-winning assassin I contend

You have been confronted by a force of wisdom

You thought she had not been listening that you had not been heard

But the fact of the matter is she hung on each and every one of your words

And what she did not hear was you coming out with policies new

That would redeem you as a speaker of truth

Instead she heard your politically expedient blame

Justifying your actions and inactions in a manner most lame

No Mr. Pres. Nothing you said I think

Could begin to compare with the courageous lady from Code Pink

Listen Mr. Pres. She is showing you a path to salvation.

Close your ears and you’re headed for damnation

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