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May Day 2017

Sign up to join us for May Day. We will supply you with details of what is going on in your area and materials for you to use!

This day, in honor of all working-class, poor, and other oppressed people, we will rise because we want to live in a world without weapons and war, without violence and hate, without bans and walls, where people can live without fear, where communities can have what they need to thrive and assert their rights to peace, justice, and health. We call for a world where we are spending our tax dollars and our energies supporting people, not violence and war.

We are rising in LA!

WHEN: Monday, May 1st @ 10am

WHERE: Broadway and Olympic, Los Angeles

We Will Meet on Broadway and Olympic at 10am on the corner where there is a restaurant called Mikado. Meet under the red and white striped awning of the restauraunt Mikado. CODEPINK will be speaking at the May Day March! Please come support!

Our messaging will be: No Ban, No Wall, No Bomb- Workers United for A World Without War!


We strike because:

  • Mass exploitation of labor serves the war economy

  • U.S. war, occupations, and militarism cause forced migration from homelands

  • Migrant communities face militarization within U.S. borders

  • The struggle for freedom from extraction of Earth's resources and migrant labor power is connected to liberation from the war economy!

  • We want money for jobs & living wages NOT for more war or mass incarceration

  • Economic security NOT the PoliMigra makes our communities safer!

Our ideals and principles are of peace and justice- we work for our rights and the rights of the most vulnerable. It is time to pick which side we are on and be brave together. Download or order these posters to rise for immigrants and refugees and learn more about actions you can take to support targeted peoples.

CODEPINK will also be in Cuba for May Day - building the bridges and connections that are going to grow peace and justice.

Can we count you in?



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