Make History on 10.2.10

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

By Medea Benjamin and DC Area CODEPINK

Two weeks ago we started outreaching for an event that promises to bring together progressives from around the country to push for jobs, justice, and peace.  We wondered if folks would be interested.  The answer is coming in from every corner of the country: YES.  This is the DC mobilization you do not want to miss!

On October 2nd, One Nation Working Together will bring people from around the country to Washington to rally together for jobs, justice and peace. Convened by groups like the NAACP, unions, the US Student Association and the National Council of La Raza, it will be a rainbow gathering that will out-do, in numbers and certainly in message, Glenn Beck's recent Restoring Honor rally.

How many times have we said that to have a truly diverse movement we had to reach out to our local communities most affected by the budget cuts resulting from spending so much of our tax dollars on war? Now we have to perfect opportunity to support those communities while bringing our peace message to the table.

I hope our CODEPINK sisters and brothers will make every effort to come to Washington and to spread the word. This is our chance to be part of a massive, multiethnic, multiracial bouquet of people determined to live in a world of peace and justice. Don't miss out!

CODEPINK is a key partner in the One Nation coalition, and is also one of the 40 organizations that is part of the Peace Table, the peace and anti-war voice of One Nation (see the fantastic new site: and we're counting on you to be part of a PINK voice for peace that's loud, clear, creative, diverse, and dynamic on October 2nd!

Together, we can bring our clear call for cuts in military spending into the efforts to fund the needs of all of our communities, including creating millions of new, green jobs.

Want to get involved with One Nation?

Check out our One Nation page for the latest info:

Spread the word on Twitter! Here's a tweet you can copy and paste:

How's the war economy working for you? Bring Our War $$ Home by marching with us and @OneNationTeam in DC on October 2nd, 2010

Get the latest scoop! Every Thursday evening at 6pm PST / 9pm EST One Nation holds a conference call that you can dial into to get updated on action plans.  To join call 712-432-1001 and enter access code 481005918#.

Join your local steering committee! Can you help mobilize folks in your city to come to DC?  One Nation has steering committees around the country and we are looking for all-star PINK activists to join the steering committees and represent peace!  Learn more here:

Reserve your ticket to dance with Alice Walker on Saturday night, Oct. 2!  Alice Walker is putting on an event at Bus Boys and Poets that you won't want to miss - a night of dining and dancing!  You can buy your ticket online. Tickets are now $50 general and $150 VIP (includes private pre-event with Alice Walker).  All tickets include dinner, drink, live music, and dancing!

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