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Local Peace Economy New Year Gathering - Jan 8th


In this moment of tremendous challenge, tremendous change is emerging. This moment is catalyzing interconnection, vision, and collaboration. This moment demands that we shift our systems, leaving behind extractive, violent, and oppressive economies, and investing in regenerative, peace economies that follow human values of love, peace, and transformative justice. This will require building relationships with each other and the Earth, and committing to creating communities of love, whatever it takes.

We will need to collectively restructure and practice new ways of being in order to make these shifts. We will need to rely on each other, protect each other, and collaborate as we Rise, Love, and Resist. To rise in loving resistance is the only way to counter the messages of hate so prominent on the campaign trail, to heal and to come together to create that better world which is possible. A world of justice, equity and peace.

People are starting to realize we need to get together, work together, because we can’t afford being siloed – we are all interconnected.

Join us on January 8th as we move into a new year with clear intentions. Let’s come together to create the spaces we need to connect, create, do –  Rise, Love, Resist.




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Venice, CA, United States,

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