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LA Local Peace Economy Gathering

What: Local Peace Economy Gathering

WhenMonday, August 14, 5:30 pm

WhereNE corner of Wilshire Blvd. & Western Ave, LA (Note: this event venue has changed and is now at the NE corner of Wilshire Blvd. & Western Ave in LA.) 

Organized by: Korean American, CODEPINK and US-based Peace Organizations  calling on the Trump administration to stop U.S. war provocations aimed at North Korea


President Trump’s threat "fire and fury" against North Korea is exacerbating the already hostile situation, putting not only people in the Korean peninsula but also everyone around the world in grave danger. We are seriously concerned with the current situation because the war in the Korean peninsula can be readily expanded to the World War III. It's time for Koreans and Americans to unite in a people's movement for peace and keep us all safe.

Our demands:

1) Stop reckless brinkmanship. Start direct talk with North Korea.

2) Freeze all US military actions in Korea including US-ROK Military exercises and freeze North Korea’s nuclear and missile testing.

3) Start peace process for a peace treaty to formally end the Korean hostilities.

Learn more by reading Medea Benjamin's latest article on How to Achieve Peace Talks with North Korea.

We will move Paula Kahn’s report back from Palestine to another time this month.

We look forward to growing a local peace economy with you!

In solidarity,

Claudine, Jodie, Mariana, Mary, Paula, Susan and Taylor

PS.  Join us in Northern California for our Sonoma Peace Camp!  

Can we count you in?




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