Karl Rove, Bringin' Home the Bacon

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

$35,000 can buy you a luxury car, the world's biggest "I'm sorry we discriminated against you" card, a college education and about a million other things INCLUDING a night with Karl Rove. For $35,000, the former top Bush Aide (aka Bush's Brain, Turdblossom) will come and speak at your school, community center (though likely not Park51--that's just a hunch), venue, to discuss what life was like in the White House under George W. Bush. Unless all you have is $8,500. Times are tough, apparently even for those who lied the country into war and have gone on to write, joke, tweet and speak about it.

The real question that emerges is what about those who have paid (with their lives) for those lies? What kind of big bucks are they bringing in? Let's do a quickie comparison.

Karl Rove $25,000 at UC Santa Barbara
Karl Rove $25,000 at UC Merced
Karl Rove $8,500 at Georgetown University
Condoleezza Rice earns same as George W. Bush $150,000


US Army Corporal $24,393-$36,174
US Army Sargeant $27,784-$47,574

And since the beginning we have been asking, Who Lies? Who Dies? Who Pays? Who Profits? Will that question ever get old?

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