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Northrop Grumman: Move Away from the War Economy!

Northrop Grumman is a war profiteer that siphons our tax dollars from meaningful social services and makes billions on human suffering. We will be at their annual shareholder meeting demanding they make a just transition to life affirming services that protect their workers and help create a more sustainable world. The war economy is not sustainable!

Dear CEO Kathy Warden, 

We, as taxpayers who fund your business through Pentagon contracts every year, demand that Northrop Grumman make a just transition. That would look like moving away from weapons manufacturing and war profiteering into sustainable, green peaceful industries. 

Northrop Grumman profits off of mass death in Yemen, Palestine, and wherever else your weapons are sold. Your pockets are lined with war money. In a world that is confronting the global climate crisis, your business helps the US government elevate carbon emissions, bringing us closer to the brink of catastrophe. 

A just transition would include protections for existing workers who are unionized and a right of non-unionized workers to join a union and have a democratic role in the company's just transition. 


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