Justice Dept to Enforce Subpoenas of Peace Activists Targeted by FBI Raids | VIDEO

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Democracy Now! has the latest update on the fallout from the FBI raids in late September that targeted antiwar activists in Minneapolis and Chicago. Subpoenas to appear before a grand jury were served on thirteen people but later withdrawn when the activists asserted their right to remain silent. But this week, the US Department of Justice said it intends to enforce the subpoenas for some of them and require them to appear before a grand jury. Today, Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales spoke to former president of the National Lawyers Guild, Bruce Nestor.

In the days following the raids in late September, CODEPINK, as well as a broad spectrum of peace organizations and government watchdog groups, strongly condemned the FBI for its conduct regarding the treatment of peace activists and international solidarity activists in Minneapolis and Chicago. We pledged to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who have been targeted in these baseless raids. We continue to call on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to intervene immediately to end the repression of these activists.

To give you a picture of what the FBI raid looked like: Agents kicked down doors of homes with guns drawn, smashed furniture, and seized computers, documents, phones, and other materials without making any arrests. It's appalling that FBI agents in Chicago spent 12 hours confiscating personal belongings, including those of the activists’ children, cells phones, computers, and paperwork going as far back as the ‘70s. The warrants are being used as a way to intimidate and silence not only those targeted, but the entire peace movement and those that speak out against the U.S. policies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Columbia.

These groups do not use guns and bombs. They are not terrorists. Their "weapons" are leaflets, newsletters, and nonviolent demonstrations.

Our movement will not be intimidated, nor will our work stop. Quite the opposite; we are more resolute than ever to continue our work. We will continue to be strongly committed to building a movement to resist oppression at home and abroad. We will not be silenced.

Please show your support for the antiwar activists who have been targeted by the FBI and now by the Justice Dept's enforcement of their subpoenas. Sign and share the petition below:

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