Join Me at the Saudi Consulate in LA!


I need your help. 

For the last 7 weeks, I have actively demonstrated outside of the Saudi Arabian consulate on the Westside of Los Angeles to raise awareness of the many human rights violations Saudi Arabia has committed and the role the United States plays in these crimes as a loyal ally to the kingdom. 

Saudi Arabia currently imprisons hundreds of human rights defenders and peaceful dissidents, including three young men who were arrested as teenagers for their political protest and face execution by beheading and crucifixion. The fates of Ali Ali-Nimr, Dawood Hussain Almarhoon, and Abdullah Al-Zaher are indicative of a brutal and absolute monarchy that does not value democratic principles let alone human rights and dignity. 

While Saudi Arabia continues to violate international law through the bombing Yemeni civilians with the use of US-made and sold weaponry, we as US citizens cannot turn our backs to the reality of our involvement in this humanitarian crisis. We have an obligation to call out Saudi Arabia for their crimes against humanity and demand the US end its' alliance to the kingdom. 

Will you join me on Tuesday, June 14th at 3:30pm for one hour?

Where: 2045 Sawtelle Ave (Just north of Olympic), Los Angeles California

What to expect: We hold a peaceful vigil with signs and fliers for pedestrians for one hour.

Thank you for your support, 

Chelsea Byers

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