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Los Angeles: #IWD2023 Organizing Meeting

Join CODEPINK LA Jan. 16th at 3pm, following our MLK Peace Walk (insert link), as we gather in a comfortable setting to discuss organizing ideas for our LA International Women's Day 2023 event. All LA peacemakers and coalition partners are welcome to join us in brainstorming to make this a fun and strong day of action! 

Our main goals for this meeting is to gain creative ideas on how to publicize and organize effectively for the following IWD shared values: 

- Uplifting women internationally who are most implicated by war and those who love them

- Disrupting the war economy and its production of weapons

- Bringing money home to people

- Pressuring leaders to sit down and discuss grievances

- Defending our planet

- Demanding Congress leaders to move our tax dollars to out of military 

- Nurturing the multi-polar world we have become

- Feminism not Militarism 

- No to War Mongering

We welcome all who are ready to connect war to the needs of all people! RSVP for address. 

Can we count you in?




RSVP for address
Venice, CA, United States,

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