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Don’t Cycle for Israeli Apartheid

Don’t Cycle for Israeli Apartheid

Renowned cyclist George Hincapie is planning to wear Everysight Raptor cycling glasses during his October 19-20 bike race in South Carolina. But, Everysight is owned by Israeli weapons giant Elbit Systems, which is responsible for death and repression from Palestine to Mexico. Help us tell George Hincapie to stand for Palestinian rights by ditching Everysight Raptor glasses.

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Dear George Hincapie:

Everysight is owned by Israeli weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems. Elbit technology and weapons are used to kill and repress Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and migrants and asylum seekers on the U.S.- Mexico border. Everysight Raptor glasses are built on and celebrate Elbit fighter jet pilot technology which enables the killing of countless numbers of civilians in Gaza. Cycling celebrates the human spirit and human potential.

Elbit Systems, parent company of Everysight, is guilty of war crimes. As a leader in the cycling world, we ask that you disinvite Everysight from your upcoming Gran Hondo event and cancel your plan to wear their Raptor glasses as you ride.


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