He’s back in Iran

Dr. Sirous Asgari, the Iranian professor who was unjustly arrested and contracted COVID-19 while in ICE custody, HAS BEEN RELEASED and is back home in Iran! Now, we must continue our fight for the health and dignity of those being imprisoned by ICE. Will you email your Congresspeople and urge them to act?

Dear friends,

These days, we sure can all use a little bit of good news—and we are thrilled we have some to share! This week, thanks in large part to your efforts, Dr. Sirous Asgari, the Iranian professor unjustly arrested by the FBI, placed in ICE custody, and ill with COVID-19 is now back in Iran reunited with his family. 

We are overjoyed that Dr. Asgari has been released from his cruel and unjust imprisonment, and is back in Iran with his loved ones. Unfortunately, there are still thousands of innocent people being held in ICE detention centers, where adequate sanitation and social distancing measures are not being taken and the coronavirus is spreading rapidly. Additionally, ICE is continuing to deport people who have been exposed to the illness, exacerbating the spread of the virus and threatening to further overwhelm the healthcare systems of other countries. 

It is outrageous that ICE would allow the illness and death of hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people. There are currently two bills in Congress intended to protect immigrants detained by ICE and stop deportations: the FIRST Act and the Haitian Deportation Relief Act. 

Tell your Congresspeople: Support the FIRST Act and Haitian Deportation Relief Act!

ICE detention centers are quickly becoming hotspots for the coronavirus. As of May 31, ICE reported 754 active cases of COVID-19 among detainees and 44 COVID-postive employees working at detention centers. Given that these facilities are overcrowded and not properly sanitized, it is no surprise the virus is spreading so rapidly. Innocent people like Dr. Asgari are constantly exposed to this deadly illness. And by continuing to deport detainees, ICE is further contributing to the spread of the coronavirus across the world. It is imperative that Congress act

The release of Dr. Sirous Asgari from his wrongful imprisonment is truly a cause for celebration, and it would not have been possible without your determination and action. Now, we must ask you to stand up for immigrants once more. Thank you again for your hard work and compassion. 

With hope and determination, 

Medea, Ariel, Ann, Asia, Carley, Caty, Cody, Emily, Jodie, Kelsey, Leonardo, Makena, Michelle, Nancy, Paki, Teri, and Yousef

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