Have you blogged, Tweeted, written an op-ed on Afghanistan today?

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Dear readers, notice much in the news today, and on Facebook, Twitter and in the blogosphere, about Afghanistan? No coincidence -- hundreds of people in a huge coalition of peace groups including CODEPINK, United for Peace and Justice, Peace Action, American Friends Service Committee and more are doing all they can today in a National Media Day on Afghanistan (creative name, natch) to push the message of ending the failing Afghanistan war before more innocent civilians die through raids, drones and increased violence, inspiring a greater Taliban machine (rather than squelching it).The idea is for the American public to start to question the war and pressure Congress for alternative policy.

Jodie Evans, a CODEPINK co-founder, penned this piece now on AlterNet, HuffPo and CommonDreams dispelling the myth that U.S. troops are necessary to "save" Afghan women. Janet Weil, of CODEPINK Bay Area and active member of UFPJ, wrote this amazing op-ed on Obama's push for war, and of course, CODEPINK women will be posting here all day on Afghanistan.

Join us! Check our list of resources here to find out how you can write a letter to a local newspaper (it's super easy...we have a tool you can basically just point and click), call a local radio station, update your Twitter, Facebook, and more. (Below are some of our Twitter/FB status updates). We can shift public opinion on this war!

  • Out of Iraq and into Afghanistan? We demand another plan! http://bit.ly/out-of-afghan #StopAfghanWar

  • Democracy and Peace cannot be brought by foreign occupation.
    End the War in Afghanistan: http://bit.ly/out-of-afghan

  • The War in Afghanistan has already cost $187b+ and 682 troops' lives.
    Can we afford another open-ended war? http://bit.ly/out-of-afghan

  • Obama: "You will be judged by your people for what you build, not what you destroy."
    End the Afghanistan War! http://bit.ly/out-of-afghan

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