Google Executives are meeting with Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman. He’s selling them the myth of a reformed society while he continues to repress his people and wage war on Yemen. There’s no excuse and no veneer of reform that can change what is really happening in Saudi Arabia. Tell Google no business with the Prince until he ends his war on Yemen.


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    what salman is doing sitting in USA, is absolutely a conspiracy against all MUSLIM world. He should not feel happy and he must know none of Saudi peoples like the monarchy, because they have no right to speak sny voice against zionist monarchy and their repression to general Saudi, even Muslim world too, not believe him a bit, he has to suffer lot for his wrong steps.
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    If you will not accept my Canadian address, please stop sending me requests for signature.
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    nothing seems to stop the MIC..perhaps the looming nuke invasion will silence all..
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