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Become a CODEPINK Global Peacemaker!

Your support of $250 a year brings you to our Peacemaker community

Social distancing has stripped us of the ability to bring our messages to the halls of power. A better way to organize is essential and we are co-creating it. Radical change requires dynamic, global community-building. We are growing our coalitions globally and want to share more with you. CODEPINK Peacemakers is an international community that fosters support, solidarity, and strength in the movement to end war and cultivate peace. We hope to create greater opportunity to learn, organize, nourish and inspire each other.

Global Peacemakers get Hot Pink Access! You will receive our monthly newsletter and are invited to our monthly Salon for Political Discourse with special guests to stimulate our thinking and engagement. All peacemakers receive a CODEPINK bumper sticker and a collection of stickers to share! And your generosity is supporting the growth of peace globally, you are needed more than ever!

Sign up by donating today!

A commitment of five hours a month of your precious time will qualify you to join Global Peacemakers

To join CODEPINK Global Peacemakers, support CODEPINK with your time in the following capacities:
  • Activism and Advocacy
    (actions targeted at politicians and other public figures, protests and in-person rallies, when safe)
  • Education
    (webinars, article, blog, radio show, movie viewings and cultural events, and travel)
  • Community
    (growing Local Peace Economies and related events, and social media presence)

All contributions of time will go to tools and actions that will engage many more in the global movement for peace, equity, and feminist values. 

Sign up by volunteering here!