Glenn Beck Program suggests nuking Afghanistan?

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

The folks over at Media Matters captured this outrageous clip from the Glenn Beck Program this week. In it, substitute host Joe Pagliarulo gives his "expert" analysis on Afghanistan:
We had a decision to make from the very start of this thing in November of 2001. And that decision was, do we go all Japan on them, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or do we go in there and surgically try to remove the Taliban and al Qaeda. We opted for #2 ... They have been doing damage because we didn't blow Tora Bora off the map. Blow those mountains off the face of the Earth. Change the topography forever when you look at a globe from now on ...

Wow. Is Pagliarulo suggesting that we nuke Afghanistan? Seriously? Wow ... If you are picking your jaw up off the ground like me, check out more outrageous right-wing quotes in CREDO's new OMG GOP WTF?!? Quiz. This week only, CODEPINK earns $0.10 for every correct answer.

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