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After 13 months of compiling the Gaza Digest, I have decided that it’s time for me to stop. The annotated list below provides information on alternative news sources and advocacy groups that have been important resources for The Gaza Digest and for Palestine solidarity work. I hope you will find this list useful.

Alternative News Sources:
The Alternative Information Center—Israel/Palestine

The Alternative Information Center (AIC) is an internationally oriented, progressive, joint Palestinian-Israeli activist organization. It is engaged in dissemination of information, political advocacy, grassroots activism and critical analysis of the Palestinian and Israeli societies as well as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Electronic Intifada
The Electronic Intifada (EI) is a not-for-profit, independent publication committed to comprehensive public education on the question of Palestine, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the economic, political, legal, and human dimensions of Israel's 40-year occupation of Palestinian territories.

The Guardian is one of the world's leading online newspapers. With center-left/left politics, the Guardian runs incisive articles and commentary about Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Haaretz, a newspaper that was founded in Palestine in 1918 (as a newspaper sponsored by the British government), is now the liberal voice in Israeli journalism. It is here that you can find“leftist” commentary and analysis by writers such as Amira Hass, Gideon Levy and Avi Shlaim.

Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU)
The Institute for Middle East Understanding offers journalists and editors quick access to information about Palestine and the Palestinians, as well as expert sources — both in the U.S. and in the Middle East.

International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC)
IMEMC is a media center developed in collaboration between Palestinian and International journalists to provide independent media coverage of Israel-Palestine. It was founded by the Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People in 2003 and provides fair and comprehensive coverage of events and developments in Israel-Palestine.


Israeli Occupation Archive (IOA)
The Israeli Occupation Archive website was set up as an archive of the Occupation with the objective of documenting some of the public discussion on the subject. After Israel’s attack on Gaza in December 2008 – January 2009, the most violent in the history of the Occupation, the importance of monitoring, documenting, and publicizing events that are common today but would have been considered unthinkable in earlier times is greater than ever.

A television network headquartered in Doha, Qatar that is known for its relatively even-handed criticism of regimes throughout the Middle East.

Jewish Peace News
Jewish Peace News (JPN) is an information service that circulates news clippings, analyses, editorial commentary, and action alerts concerning the Israel / Palestine conflict. They work to promote a just resolution to the conflict; they believe that the cause of both peace and justice will be served when Israel ends the occupation, withdrawing completely from the Palestinian territories and finding a solution to the Palestinian refugee crisis within the framework of international law.


Mondoweiss is a news website devoted to covering American foreign policy in the Middle East, chiefly from a progressive Jewish perspective. This blog is maintained by Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz.

Occupation Magazine

The Occupation Magazine was established in October 2004 by a group of Israeli anti-occupation activists who were disturbed by the growing discrepancy between the grim reality which they observed in the Occupied Territories , and the way in which it was (and is) reported in the main stream media.
The Palestine Chronicle
The Palestine Chronicle is an independent online newspaper that provides daily news, commentary, features, book reviews, photos, art, etc, on a variety of subjects. However, it's largely focused on Palestine, Israel, and the 'Middle East' region.


The Palestine Monitor
The Palestine Monitor aims to present the occupation of Palestine from a Palestinian perspective, and to highlight that a credible lasting peace settlement is only possible with full scale democracy, equality for Palestinians, and internationally recognized human rights that are clearly implemented and adhered to across Israel and Palestine. (It is unofficially affiliated with Mustapha Barghouti’s Palestine National Initiative.)


Short posts (140 characters or less) to keep you informed. While Twitter is used by celebrities and bloggers to document their travels, meals, and daily routines, it is also an amazing source for real time news. There are people and entities whose Twitter feeds provide immediate access to just posted news stories about Palestine/Israel. Here are a few that I recommend:
@maafa, @avinunu, @palestine, @haaretzonline, @MaanNewsAgency, @ynetnews, @USACBI, @PalestineVideo, @jewssf, @PalestineToday, @Intifada, @zeelunat, @BoycottAHAVA


American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights
The American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights (AAPER) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to inform the American public about the human and national rights of the Palestinian people and the role of the United States in the Middle East.



The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories was established in 1989 by a group of prominent academics, attorneys, journalists, and Knesset members. It endeavors to document and educate the Israeli public and policymakers about human rights violations in the Occupied Territories, combat the phenomenon of denial prevalent among the Israeli public, and help create a human rights culture in Israel.

Boycott, Divestment, & Sanctions for Palestine is born out of the need to offer all those interested and active in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement a shared space for information, analysis, exchange of ideas and experiences. This website is overseen by the steering committee of the Palestinian BDS National Committee and has been adopted as a tool of the ICNP (International Coordinating Network on Palestine) to support efforts of networking and coordination.


The Coalition of Women for Peace/Israel

The Coalition of Women for Peace brings together independent women and 10 feminist peace organizations that work relentlessly for peace and justice. Founded in November 2000, after the outbreak of the Second Intifada, the Coalition today is a leading voice in the peace movement. (Member groups include Bat Shalom, Machsom/Checkpoint Watch, Women in Black, New Profile, and the Fifth Mother.)
The Coalition is committed to the struggle to end the occupation; to the full involvement of women in peace negotiations; to an end to the excessive militarization of Israeli society; to equality, inclusion, and justice for Palestinian citizens of Israel; to equality and social justice for all inhabitants of Israel. The coalition has recently launched their Who Profits? database, highlighting the businesses, companies and individuals that reap profits from the Occupation of the West Bank.

The Free Gaza Movement

Since August 2008, the Free Gaza Movement has sailed from Cyprus to the Gaza Strip on several successful voyages, bringing in international witnesses to see first hand the devastating effects of the Israeli blockade. Theirs are the first international boats to journey to Gaza since 1967.

Gush Shalom

Gush Shalom (Translated from Hebrew, the name means "The Peace Bloc") is the self-described “hard core” of the Israeli peace movement. They work towards a two-state solution of the conflict based on the 1967 borders, Jerusalem as a shared capital, and an acknowledgement of a Palestinian right to return.

International Women’s Peace Service/Palestine

IWPS-Palestine is an international team of women based in Haris (a village in the Salfit Governorate of the West Bank) who provide international accompaniment to Palestinian civilians, document and nonviolently intervene in human rights abuses, support acts of nonviolent resistance to end the brutal and illegal military Occupation and oppose the Apartheid Wall.

Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions

ICAHD is a non-violent, direct-action group originally established to oppose and resist Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes in the Occupied Territories.

J Street

J Street is the political arm of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement. J Street was founded to promote meaningful American leadership to end the Arab-Israeli and Palestinian-Israel conflicts peacefully and diplomatically. J Street supports a new direction for American policy in the Middle East and a broad public and policy debate about the U.S. role in the region. (The membership of J Street is to the left of its leadership, which has been described as “Zionism Light.”)


The Palestine Center and the Jerusalem Fund

The Palestine Center (D.C.) is an independent think-tank committed to communicating reliable and timely information about the Palestinian political experience to American policy-makers, journalists, students and the general public. Established in 1991, it is the educational program of the Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

The Centre is an independent Palestinian human rights organization based in Gaza City. The Centre was established in 1995 by a group of Palestinian lawyers and human rights activists. It documents rights violations by the Palestinian Authority and Israel. Its lawyers defend victims of human rights abuses, from cases of illegal detention to torture.


Jewish Voice for Peace

Jewish Voice for Peace is a diverse and democratic community of activists inspired by Jewish tradition to work together for peace, social justice, and human rights. We support the aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians for security and self-determination.
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights/Gaza

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights is a Palestinian non-governmental non-partisan organization based in the refugee camp of Jabalia in the Gaza Strip. Al Mezan’s mandate is to promote, protect and prevent violations of human rights in general and economic, social and cultural (ESC) rights in particular, to provide effective aid to those victims of such violations, and to enhance the quality of life of the community in marginalized sectors of the Gaza Strip.
The U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

The US Campaign is a diverse coalition working for freedom from occupation and equal rights for all by challenging US policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Campaign is based on human rights and international law, providing a non-sectarian framework for everyone who supports its Call to Action. Its strategy is to inform, educate, and mobilize the public so as to change the US role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to support peace, justice, human rights, and international law.

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