Four CODEPINKers Arrested in Symbolic Act of Civil Disobedience

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Moments ago, staffers Desiree Fairooz of Washington, DC and Nancy Mancias of the Bay Area, CA were taken into custody along with volunteers Toby Blone (53) of El Cerrito, CA, and Kit Simeon (50) of Quilcene, CA.

Witnesses report the four were dancing and singing. After breaking out in one dance, two attempted to crawl under the bottom of the fence at the corner of 6th and Market in solidarity with the vets who were arrested for the same activity a few days ago.

"Freedom of Speech should not be caged," they were chanting. "We should not be caged."

As has become typical of the actions here in St. Paul, mass numbers of police emerged.

Mancias and Fairooz began tying pink ribbons and bows to the fences as the cops appeared—although not, one witness noted, in full riot gear. They began pushing people with batons and CODEPINK's Jodie Evans and Dana Balicki began reminding bystanders to remain peaceful.

CODEPINKers were singing "Give Peace a Chance," and flashing the cops the peace symbol. The media swarmed.

During the hubub, "Desiree and Nancy just scooted themselves under the fence," Balicki said.

The crowd has now moved back across from the St. Paul hotel. A large crowd has gathered and is now singing and chanting, "End the Occupation."

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