Feedback, feedback, oh-oh

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Man, the world really was watching the conventions. Since CODEPINK members have returned from the Twin Cities (well, more specifically, since Liz Hourican and Nancy Mancias disrupted McCain's speech Thursday) phones have rung off the hook and e-mails have poured in from fans and haters alike of CODEPINK's actions and its message of peace.

It's spread like wildfire, through dozens of media reports (on everything from The New York Times to Comedy Central's "Indecision 2008") and our own friends and family, who have bragged to anyone who will listen about their connection to us.  Suddenly, a whole new segment of the population seems not only aware of CODEPINK but sympathetic to our cause. Dare I say, inspired for change! As November creeps up, we need all the peace-makers we can get...

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