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Check out our activities for the Week of February 13 2023

In the midst of the Ukraine war and as the US continues to beat the drums of war towards China, we are rising with activists around the world in a call for Diplomacy and an end to war. Join us on International Women's Day 2023!


Episode 183: Being a Woman and a Student in China: In the past two weeks, the US has been taken over by a frenzy over a Chinese weather balloon. Ignoring the continuous US aggression towards China, warmongers are using the balloon to drive fear and hate. The manufacture of consent for war dehumanizes Chinese people as well as ourselves. In this episode, re-humanize Chinese people and ourselves with CODEPINK co-founder Jodie Evans and Tings Chak about Tings' experience living in China for the past three years as a woman, a student, and a journalist. 


10 Ways the War in Ukraine Threatens Our Environment. War is NOT Green! 


Environmental Injustice: Combating Threats to Land Defenders


WTF is Going on in Latin America & the Caribbean: Live from Peru-National Strike




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