NYC End All Wars Forum

Why are our communities invested in war? How can we divest our dollars from death and destruction?

While a staggering 64% of the U.S. federal discretionary budget goes to militarized spending, our universities, pension funds, churches, and banks remain invested in weapons manufacturers and defense contractors that make a killing on imprisoning and killing innocent civilians at home and across the world. The U.S. government is the top arms dealer to Saudi Arabia, which has launched airstrikes on Yemen since 2015, many with American weapons. Over 60,000 Yemenis have been killed in what many call the world's largest humanitarian crisis. Now, the government is threatening war with Iran - which can only lead to more devastating human consequences. While innocent people die at our hands, CEOs of weapons companies pocket enormous profits through public and private investments.

How do we create a world where war is no longer normal? How do we transform our government so our economy no longer profits from oppression and murder?

Discussion topics

  • Iran, Korea, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Yemen
  • Local weapons and prison divestment campaigns
  • Sharing successes and tackling challenges

Confirmed Speakers (list in the making)

  • Abdulwali Saleh, United Yemeni American Association
  • Alice Slater, Nuclear Ban.US and ICAN-NYC
  • Caty S. Seger, Feminist Foreign Policy Think Tank researcher
  • Claudia de la Cruz, The People’s Forum
  • Henri Feron, Senior Fellow for Center for International Policy
  • Jan Steinberg, Divest from the War Machine campaign
  • Mani Mostofi, Human Rights Lawyer
  • Marc Eliot Stein, World Beyond War
  • Mateo Guerrero-Tabares, Make the Road NY
  • Momo Manalang, Gabriela NY
  • Rose Asaf, NYU Student Senator and NYU Jewish Voice for Peace
  • Tom Gogin, Move the Money NYC

Confirmed Sponsors (list in the making)

  • Action Corps NYC
  • Black Alliance for Peace
  • Brooklyn for Peace
  • Gabriela NY
  • Make the Road NY
  • National Iranian American Council, NY
  • Peace Action NY
  • Muslims United for Justice
  • Show Up! America
  • United Yemeni American Association
  • US Labor Against the War, NY
  • Veterans for Peace Chapter 34
  • Women Cross DMZ
  • World Beyond War


July 11, 2019 at 6pm - 8pm
The People's Forum
320 W 37th Street (between 8th & 9th Avenues)
New York, NY 10018
United States
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Norma Lee Mahdavi
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Cat Basciano
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Anya Gorbacheva
Mary Ellen Campion

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  • Gracie Ann Jablonowski
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    Unfortunately I can’t make it. But I wish you all the best!!! These ZIONIST INSPIRED WARS FOR ISREAL HAS GOT TO END!!!! Look at how many people have died already with all these wars that have really NO significant value!!! And are still going on against the Palestinian People, it’s truly nothing but Murder on a GRAND SCALE!!!!! The U.S. needs to PACK UP AND GO HOME!!!! OUT OF EUROPE AND OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST AND OUT OF KOREA AND OUT OF GUANTANAMO CUBA. AND OUT OF JAPAN( if there are still American bases there, which I think they are!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! WORLD WAR 2 HAS BEEN OVER FOR ALMOST 80 YEARS AGO!!! WHY IS THE U.S. STILL TRYING TO CONTROL THESE COUNTRIES!!!! WHY!!!! ILL TELL YOU WHY!!! MONEY FOR THE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX WAR MACHINE!!!!! AND THE GREED FOR POWER!!!!!!
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