Don't Iraq Iran!

Trump is at the United Nations right now building a case for the U.S. and others to go to war with Iran. Sign our letter to the New York Times and Washington Post asking them not to be complicit in laying the groundwork for war with Iran, like they were in the case of Iraq. Tell them to debunk Trump’s lies and distortions, and to promote diplomacy.

Dear Editorial Board,

President Trump gave an inflammatory speech this morning at the United Nations General Assembly calling for member states to isolate and punish Iran, after accusing Iran of sponsoring terrorists and exacerbating tensions in the region. We urge you as respected journalists to hold the Trump administration accountable for this rhetoric, for pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, for violating the diplomatic efforts of our European allies, and for making life miserable for ordinary Iranians through draconian sanctions.

We do not want another war in the Middle East. The media must not be complicit in selling a war with Iran the way it did with Iraq 15 years ago. You have the power to tell Americans the truth by providing them with facts. We ask that you do not give credibility to the distorted lies coming from the Trump administration, and instead hold them accountable for their dangerous imperialistic policies. We urge you not to help the government sell another devastating war to the American people, but instead bring to light the administration’s hawkish policies towards Iran.

We don’t want another Iraq.


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Alexistori Gonzalez
Mary Ellen Gondeck
David Staiger Staiger
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Mary Shesgreen
Ines Bahloul
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Letitia Ufford
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Christopher Lish
Frank Hill
Noreen McCarthy
Patricia Auer
Naseema Mall
Ken McDaniel
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  • Alexistori Gonzalez
    signed 2019-10-19 09:53:09 -0400
    Shut. The. Wars. Down. The. Trump. Administraciones. Need. To. Resign. Now. Out. Of. My. Capital. Of. Washington. D.C. please. Administraciones. Of. Trump. And. Never. Come. Back to. My. Offices in. Washington. D.C. please. i. Have. Such. A. Severe. Headaches. Already. i. Am. Very. Greatly. Sick. Every. Single. Day. Very. Greatly. Much.. Ever. Scence. The. Trump. Administraciones. in. 2018. No. Jokes……i. Am. All. Blisters. Up. No. Matter. What. A. Huge. Threat. On. Our. Environmental. Safety. Wars. Are. Over. Everybody s. Head. Stop the. Attacks. Free. Sustainablegovernment. Trade. Please. i. Boycott. Wars.
  • Mary Ellen Gondeck
    signed 2019-08-28 11:14:57 -0400
  • David Staiger Staiger
    signed 2019-08-25 16:47:13 -0400
  • Tania Smith
    signed 2019-08-01 21:36:55 -0400
  • Alexistori Gonzalez
    @Alexistori5 tweeted link to this page. 2019-07-29 02:45:25 -0400
    Trump is trying to do in #Iran what Bush did in Iraq. Tell the media not to be complicit this time. Sign our letter to the @nytimes and @washingtonpost. Tell them to debunk Trump’s belligerent rhetoric and promote #PeaceWithIran.
  • Kenneth Lokke
    signed 2019-07-24 12:05:44 -0400
    Kenneth Lokke
  • phil kanehl
    signed 2019-07-03 14:33:44 -0400
  • Mary Shesgreen
    signed 2019-05-08 18:28:34 -0400
    An invasion of Iran or a bombing campaign against Iran would be a disaster for the Iranian people, and for all the people of the Middle East. It would be grossly destabilize a region that is already in turmoil. It would kill civilians. It would also make the US a complete pariah on the world stage and would make the American people less safe. It would give new fuel to various forms of terrorism across the globe.

    Please exercise a little common sense, humility and morality. Don’t attack Iran.
  • Ines Bahloul
    signed 2018-11-18 17:33:49 -0500
  • Yanis Benekaa
    signed 2018-11-08 11:59:27 -0500
  • Robert Mcdonnell
    signed 2018-11-04 16:13:54 -0500
    Robert Mcdonnell
  • Letitia Ufford
    signed 2018-10-26 13:03:51 -0400
    Alison Lahnston
  • Lucas Ribeiro
    signed 2018-10-23 14:24:11 -0400
  • Christopher Lish
    signed 2018-10-23 13:06:08 -0400
  • Frank Hill
    signed 2018-10-23 12:00:40 -0400
  • Noreen McCarthy
    signed 2018-10-18 11:09:02 -0400
  • Patricia Auer
    signed 2018-10-17 15:56:37 -0400
  • Naseema Mall
    signed 2018-10-15 12:05:29 -0400
  • Ken McDaniel
    signed 2018-10-12 01:44:54 -0400
  • Frederic Lassiter Jr
    signed 2018-10-09 18:43:19 -0400
    Frederic Lassiter Jr. The criminal insane warmongering by Trunp, Bolton etc against Russia, China, Iran, and Syria, (to include many other nations) is rapidly spinning out of control and must me countered if humanity is to survive.
  • Caryn Graves
    signed 2018-10-09 13:44:30 -0400
  • Cheryl Dishon
    @cheryldishon tweeted link to this page. 2018-10-09 11:15:00 -0400
    Trump is trying to do in #Iran what Bush did in Iraq. Tell the media not to be complicit this time. Sign our letter to the @nytimes and @washingtonpost. Tell them to debunk Trump’s belligerent rhetoric and promote #PeaceWithIran.
  • Cheryl Dishon
    signed 2018-10-09 11:14:20 -0400
    It’s time to invest more energy and resources in preventing war, rather than letting rich old white men enrich themselves further by sending our young soldiers to die and kill civilians. This only creates more enemies who want revenge on the US.
  • Adam Cargill
    signed 2018-10-08 23:19:32 -0400
  • Pamela Bond
    signed 2018-10-08 23:12:36 -0400
  • Alex Howe
    signed 2018-10-08 19:10:18 -0400
  • Daniel Griffith
    signed 2018-10-08 16:35:59 -0400
  • Michael Dietrich
    signed 2018-10-08 12:08:43 -0400
  • Ramya Chellappa
    signed 2018-10-08 10:50:25 -0400
  • Sholey Argani
    signed 2018-10-08 05:12:01 -0400

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