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End the 1033 Program!

Let’s end the 1033 Program which sends military-grade weapons to local police forces around the country. 

Ask your representative to sign on to a letter to President Biden urging him to use an Executive Order to END the militarization of our police forces! Use our tool below to email and tweet your representative. 

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  • Victor Nepomnyashchy
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  • 🔄AlinSLive 🌊⚾️
    commented 2021-03-29 07:35:06 -0400
    I’m actually going to not sign and register opposition to this.

    The reason we haven’t had a gigantic bank heist or other crime happen in our area in years is because of 1033 and the weaponry the professionals are given.

    They need serious reform as to when they are allowed to invoke use of those weapons, but just the fact a police station holds a high end weapon shouldn’t make them a threat.

    Rather than repealing the ability for police to get high grade weapons to handle high risk incidents let’s require police stations to have their mayor declare a state of emergency citywide before authority to use such force is granted.

    By removing the weapons from the police we make our forces look soft and we will end up enabling further lawlessness. Clearly 1033 ISNT EVEN. ENOUGH! Because we are still having cars stolen by gunpoint here, people getting shot up.

    This is not America. This country has fallen.

    We need to keep our police and domestic forces strong and shutter the over 150 bases we have overseas.

    1033 barely costs us money, those are used Guns being hand me downed to police SWAT who are EXPECTED TO USE THEM PROPERLY!

    Instead of attacking the symptom (1033) let’s attack the problem, corrupt officers on our forces.

    Becoming a constable of the law was once an ELECTED position. It is now hired in a dark back room of the police station by a man with who knows what type of moral merits.

    Repealing 1033 is a half baked attempt at solving a much larger problem with the nations CORRUPT POLICE FORCE!