Divest Day 2 of 21: From Self-Directed to Community Engaged


Welcome to Day 2 of Divesting from the War Economy! Yesterday, we brought up alienation, and how the war economy thrives on our disconnection from others. So actively connecting with others, even through something as simple as a smile and a “how are you?”, disrupts the worldview of separation and creates space for a new story.

It’s easy to see why we’re all alienated from each other, when we live in a society that emphasizes individual achievement over community care. Celebrity worship and “the self-made man” are just some of the themes interwoven into the story of U.S. society. Even more than that, though, in modern life we’ve replaced our dependence on community with dependence on faceless institutions and distant strangers who grow, ship and process our food, make our clothing, build our houses, and fix our cars.

But we also know that without our relationships, none of us would be alive. We know that in our everyday lives, happiness and security come from strong connections and not from “independence”, whether psychological or financial.

Today’s Pivot

Witness when you find yourself thinking you have to do things by yourself, when you feel alone and overwhelmed. Who supports you in your life? Who do you support?

Look beyond yourself, and take this opportunity to see those who are caring for and creating your community - the teachers, healers, caretakers, nurses, gardeners, etc who enrich our lives. Thank them. When are you drawn to those who hold celebrity status instead of those carrying the wood for the daily fires?

Reflect on what came up for you today as you became aware of what you are drawn to, and why.

PS: I asked random people at the grocery store today about the folks that support them, and who they support in return. Here are a few of their answers! 


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