Divest Day 17 of 21: From Plastics to the Planet


Do you believe humans are separate from nature? Superior to other animals? I know that I entertained this belief for most of my life. Like many people in the U.S., I haven’t had much of a relationship to nature - I’ve been too busy staying indoors, plugged into my computer and phone and TV. I’ve been taught to see the earth as a “natural resource” to take from. That’s certainly the mentality that drives us to destroy forests, drill into the ground for oil and gas, and cage animals in factories for mass slaughter.

The war economy relies on our apathy and disconnection from nature - that’s the reason we consume its plastic goods that destroy the planet, which could have supplied whatever need that drove us to purchase them.

Our planet creates and sustains all of life all on its own - the sun’s energy grows the plants that feed us; the trees give us oxygen and shelter. Monsanto, factory farming, and fossil fuels are sold as indispensable, when really, they create death instead of life.  

Today’s Pivot

Observe where these are in your life. How often does an alternative that is contributing to climate change seem like the only choice?

How often are you connected to nature in your day?  When was the last time your toes were on the soil? How can you change that and change it for those in your community?

PS: To learn more about the devastating impacts of plastic on the planet, check out this video.


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