Dear Hillary, From Gaza


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U.S. elections have an outsized effect on the residents of many countries, but among the most impacted are those imprisoned in the occupied Palestinian territories. In this video, 21-year-old Besan Aljadili, a writer for We Are Not Numbers in Gaza, responds to the nomination of Hillary Clinton for U.S. president.

In her acceptance speech, the former Secretary of State talked about how proud women should be of her status as the first female to be nominated for America's highest office. But will Hillary Clinton listen to a fellow female, half a world away, who feels she and her people have been rejected and trivialized? Watch and share.


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  • Robert Schors
    commented 2016-08-08 19:29:16 -0400
    Your article could emphasize how big a war-monger this woman really is, since even before her time as State Secretary. And her revealing emails could be mentioned, that Assange’s team published. This person Clinton surely has the anatomy of a woman, but her head and heart are more greedy to exercise power than Margaret Thatcher’s, ex U.K. Prime-Minister. And to achieve this, she has lost all Human decency. I personally believe, she is still trying to find a cure in order to recover from the huge humiliation she must have felt, as the wife of the president of the (militarily) strongest nation on our planet, when this man was being such an disgusting macho taking sexual advantage of a very young straight-forward woman. The White House isn’t a psychiatric ward, und should never be one again. (Nixon was emotionally very un-balanced, too.) The article is very nice, but toothless. Clinton is not a fellow female of any decent woman respecting, protecting and nurturing the lives of other fellow humans, in spite of their race, income, social standing and reputations.