Cultural Institutions Get a Clue (finally)

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

The 2010 Oscars are ripe with visionary, talented women poised to take over the world! Ok, maybe not the world, but these women are reshaping the way we tell our stories, revealing the depths of our hearts and in general rocking our socks off. CODEPINK's own Jodie Evans has been nominated for her role in producing "The Most Dangerous Man in America" which has been called "earnest, smart" and "A unique fusion of personal and social drama"...Sounds just right to us!

Check out the video by the Women's Media Center as they honor the visionary women making waves at the 2010 Academy Awards!

And another cultural institution (finally) honoring more women is the 2010 Whitney Biennial in NYC. This year half of the featured artists are women, which sets a completely new precedent for the Whitney Museum of American Art's infamous exhibit.

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