Crashing Santa Monica's tax day "tea party"

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

When Audrey, Susan and I arrived at the Santa Monica pier for the "party," we managed to keep our banners steady despite the heavy wind and hot air blowing all around us (check out a photo of us here).  We were the target of all the anger, called every name you can imagine. Some of my favorites: “CODE STINK is in the house!"  “You don’t know CODEPINK, they are a bunch of ugly, old, stupid women!" (this one as Patricia, Audrey and I walk by with a banner).  More women were screaming at us than men.

The organizer came up to us and apologized for all the anger coming our way, and said he was happy we came and thinks CODEPINK rocks for crashing Larry Summers party.

We were like caged animals with everyone coming by to gawk.  Everyone took a photo of the CP specimens.  Some came by and read our banners ("Human need not corporate greed" and "Teabag this: where you income tax money really goes") and said, “Wow, nothing wrong with that sign, what’s everyone so upset about?"

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