Coldsnap Press Release [Repost]

Posted by CODEPINK Staff


National Call for Action to Stop Police Brutality at the Republian
National Convention!

Support 300 people arrested in Saint Paul! Demand an end to illegal
detention and brutality in Ramsey County Jail!

9/3/08, St. Paul - Approximately 300 people have been arrested for
participating in demonstrations since the beginning of the Republican
National Convention. The majority of arrestees remain in custody and are
being held in inhumane conditions. Of the 300 arrested, approximately 120
have been accused of trumped-up felony charges by police; many of them are
being held illegally beyond Minnesota’s 36-hour limit on detentions
without formal charges.

All people who value democracy and fear for the erosion of our
constitution, regardless of political affiliation, are called upon to
demand an end to this egregious denial of constitutional and human rights.
Prisoners have reported being denied medical treatment and essential
medications, and many are engaged in a hunger strike to pressure the
sheriffs to give them critical care. Many are being held in 23 hours/day
lockdown and/or have not been allowed to meet with lawyers or make phone
calls – especially trans prisoners. Several prisoners have been able to
reach legal support to report brutal physical assaults by multiple
corrections officers. The constitutional and legal rights of all
prisoners are being denied across the board, with no apparent end to this
outrageous treatment.

Please call the following offices and continue calling until all arrestees
have been released:

St. Paul Mayor – Chris Coleman (651.266.8510)
Head of Ramsey County Jail – Capt. Ryan O’Neil (651.266-9350 ext 1)
Ramsey County Sheriff – Bob Fletcher (651.266.9333)
County Chief Judge Gearin (651.266.8266)

Demand the following:
Immediate medical attention as needed for ALL arrestees;
That the prisoners who haven’t given their names (Jane & John Does and
Jesse Sparkles) have access to group meetings with a lawyer in jail;
Dismissal of all charges;
Release of all minors; and
Ensure trans prisoners have access to phone and attorneys, and are held in
gender group of their choice.

Money is needed to help cover legal costs and get people out of jail. Any
amount you can give is greatly appreciated. To donate by Pay Pal visit and click on the donate button.

For more details and up-to-date information about jail conditions and
prisoner status, please see:

Visit St. Paul in September 2008!

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