CODEPINK Applauds Trump’s Decision on Syria Withdrawal


CODEPINK STATEMENT: December 19, 2018

CODEPINK applauds President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S.troops from Syria. The president made a statement on Twitter that the U.S had defeated ISIS in Syria, saying this was his only reason for being there. The statement contradicts that National Security Adviser John Bolton’s comments earlier in September that “the United States wouldn’t be leaving Syria so long as Iranian forces continued to operate there.” We are glad that the president has not followed Bolton’s advice. Bolton was a cheerleader for the US invasion of Iraq, an invasion that devastated the country and led to the creation of ISIS. In turn, the US fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq was marked by ruthless, indiscriminate bombings that led to thousands of civilian casualties.

We believe the US withdrawal from Syria is a positive contribution to the peace process and also decreases the tensions between the United States and Iran that could have escalated the dangerous proxy wars that have been victimizing the Syrian people.

We hope this decision also marks the beginning of a reevaluation of US troops stationed in other foreign lands. This is particularly true in Afghanistan, where some 16,000 US soldiers are engaged in a war that is beginning its 18th year, and in neighboring Iraq, where the US says it will maintain its presence with 5,200 troops stationed in the country. President Trump should continue to stand up to the neocons and the military-industrial complex that profit from endless war by bringing these troops home as well.

We are concerned, however, about the continuing fighting in Syria, including attacks by the Assad regime, the rebel forces, and the Turkish attacks on the Kurds. We call on all sides to stop military actions and instead focus on the peace process. We also call on all foreign powers that have been involved in Syria’s destruction, including the United States, to take responsibility for rebuilding this nation and providing assistance to the Syrian people, including the refugees, who have suffered so tragically for over seven years.


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  • Alexistori Gonzalez
    followed this page 2020-07-01 05:36:05 -0400
  • Nyndnyn Neville
    commented 2018-12-21 22:01:53 -0500
    “We are concerned, however, about the continuing fighting in Syria…” “We also call on all sides.. foreign powers…” The US is in Syria because of a RepubliKKKan campaign for war that made an organized and effective Resistance untenable in a unique political moment. Of course we’re ‘concerned’ about the “continued fighting.” Many of those who are most disappointed with these conflicts recognize that withdrawal presents weighty and irreconcilable challenges. The evidence for this lies in the participation by even the most desperate critics of militaristic ‘solutions’ who can only feel absolutely compelled to vote for continued funding of our presence. The ‘concern’ spoken of is based on the well considered, though perverse risk that, having broken these countries, we are responsible to – not just leave. The hubris that underlies “We also call on…” is only demonstrative of the very absurdity of the initial assertion of support. The plea is made empty by the fact that we hardly know to whom it’s to be directed. Any attempt to name its intended recipients from among the apparent choices, Assad, Putin, Erdoğan, MbS… TRUMP? just underscores the preposterousness.
  • L Kathleen Eschen-Pipes
    commented 2018-12-19 22:15:53 -0500
    “Assad regime?” seriously? Try “the Syrian government” or “the Syrian Arab Army.” It’s good to see that CodePink has made some movement on this issue after almost eight years of conflict. But your terminology still reflects the demonizing rhetoric of the neocons and neolibs who spent years setting up the destruction of seven countries in the Middle East, including Syria.
  • Maria S Calef
    commented 2018-12-19 22:02:54 -0500
    USA coveted the Syria territories pipeline route, and therefore is acting as a predatory animal for its prey.
  • Maria S Calef
    commented 2018-12-19 22:01:13 -0500
    USA need stop the fragmentation of the sovereign republic of Syria, and stop its occupation and colonialism in that country.
  • Amina Susan Ali
    commented 2018-12-19 20:55:40 -0500
    I am sure Assad and ISIS care what you say here.