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Tell Biden: Declare a climate emergency!

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Dear President Biden,

Deadly heat waves are sweeping the world. Our planet is in a state of emergency, and declaring this truth is long overdue. The people are calling on you to take a simple and effective action: sign an executive order declaring a climate emergency under the National Emergencies Act.

The connection between war and climate change is self-evident: oil is the leading cause of interstate wars, and the U.S. military is the largest industrial producer of greenhouse gasses. We must do everything we can to end militarism and take action to mitigate the climate crisis. 

With this truth, the presidential visit to Saudi Arabia to ask Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for oil was outrageous. Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war on Yemen is an atrocity for human rights. There is no excuse for asking a warmongering country for fossil fuels contributing to a global climate crisis. Fist bumping the Crown Prince suggests that the Biden administration is fervently against peace for people and planet.

But it is not too late: we can and must begin a Just Transition to a clean energy economy now. We need Congress to take action, but the National Emergencies Act exists for a reason: to take rapid action in the face of emergencies. Our rapid approach towards 1.5°C of global warming certainly is an emergency.

Signing an executive order under the National Emergencies Act would give the Biden administration the power to halt all new fossil fuel production and accelerate the transition to clean energy. President Biden, you must act NOW if you truly are interested in peace for people and planet. 

Yours sincerely,

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