Celebrate International Peace Day, Demand End to War

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

International Peace Day was created as a way to acknowledge the opening of the United Nations General Assembly. It's important to remember that for all its faults, the United Nations remains the best infrastructure to create a peaceful world.

And yet, when President Obama takes the podium to lecture the world on creating peace, it can feel like we're living an Orwellian nightmare. How can the United States use Al Qaeda and 9/11 as legitimate reasons for declaring war on Iraq? After ten years and countless lives lost, how can the U.S. claim the Afghan War is making anyone more secure?

From U.S. imperialism to the possibility of the inhumane execution of Troy Davis, today is a sad day to celebrate peace. We who are dedicated to creating a peaceful world usually feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. And I suggest that it is as important to honor our work and our commitment to peace as it is to challenge the system.

You may be occupying Wall Street to demand an end to war or waiting anxiously for news that the Supreme Court stays the execution. Whatever you're doing today, take a moment to celebrate yourself and our community. We must nourish our souls as we work for a peaceful world. Take time to raise a glass (of sparkling grape juice or wine) for the world's peacemakers. And join us in spreading the message of peace: Create, Not Hate.

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