Black Friday: Don't Buy War and Corporate Greed!

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Black Friday action by Pittsburgh CODEPINK"][/caption]

This Friday, November 25th, will be the annual American shopping spree, otherwise known as Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day.  Nov. 25 is also the next national day of action for the Occupy Movement.  Read this great piece on Grist about Occupy Black Friday.  Here are some resources to hit the streets and make an impact with your local Occupy:

- Don’t Buy War Holiday Carols: Download our song sheet here.  Feel free to edit these carols to make them more up-to-date or relevant for your city.

- Create a pricetag for the wars using local data on how much taxpayers in your area are paying for the war. Here's an (outdated) sample you can use.

- Say NO to War Toys: Action tips, printable stickers, and other ideas from CODEPINK for Buy Nothing Day

- Bring Our War $$ Home flyers and resources

- How-to guide for planning a successful action

- Watch this great Buy Nothing Day video from Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping

After your action, email us (info [at] photos or a story about what happened, or just comment on this page.

Peaceful holidays!



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