Billions For The Naughty, Budget Cuts For The Nice

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

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It’s almost Christmas... but like a Santa Claus gone psycho, Congress has scrambled the lists of the naughty and nice. They have appropriated our tax dollars for the war in Afghanistan and militarism/surveillance, while cutting unemployment benefits, food stamps and other critical domestic programs.

The consequences of prior budget cuts are already apparent: crumbling bridges; lingering unemployment; food stamps cut; working people having to rely on overstretched food banks; homeless people freezing to death on the streets, in the world’s richest nation.

Meanwhile, Congress voted to appropriate $552 billion, almost 60% of this year’s federal discretionary budget on the military, including funds for the war in Afghanistan. President Obama is pushing to keep over 10,000 troops there beyond his promise of a 2014 exit, instead of opting for the “zero option” of bringing all the troops home. After 12 years, we should not continue to waste $80 billion a year dragging out our military presence in Afghanistan.

The 2014 budget, hyped as a “solution” to the artificial crisis of sequestration, does not reflect our moral choices. Instead, it is an enormous giveaway to Pentagon and NSA contractors at the expense of hard working Americans. Naughty, indeed.

CODEPINK will continue to be in the halls of Congress with our messages of peace and justice.

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