The Corker-Kaine Authorization for the Use of Military Force bill moving through the Senate right now would give the President even greater unchecked power for war. It would allow decisions of war to be made in secret and require a supermajority vote in Congress to overrule. Send a message to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to say no to this dangerous bill.


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  • Donia Connell
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  • Jennifer Humiston
    commented 2018-06-09 16:26:32 -0400
    The military industrial complex owns the Pentagon and every member of Congress by cunningly making sure that all 50 states are home to military manufacturing corporations or contractors for them. By this means, every senator and congressperson can feel comfortable claiming these commercial bodies are their constituents and must be represented by their congresspeople. Neat, isn’t it?
  • Richard Lerche
    commented 2018-06-06 13:14:37 -0400
    This bill needs to be stopped! It has nothing to do with "national security " and everything to to with wealthy interests who benefit from endless wars. The President, who most often is a member of the wealthy class, doesn’t need anymore power and certainly not more power over Congress.
  • John McMurray
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  • Rhonda Ovist
    commented 2018-06-06 10:18:27 -0400
    If congress is no longer willing to do their job, and take back their responsibility to protect the Constitutional separation of powers and represent the interests of the American people (particularly those who are most likely to either fight those wars or lose their loved ones in battle), they need to resign. Or be fired. Just who do they work for? The American people or the military-industrial complex that profits in money and power from our constant use of military force?
    Most importantly, President Donald Trump already seems to believe that as President, he has the power similar to that of a dictator or emporer, rather than the constitutionally limited power of a democratically elected head of state – to allow him even greater unchecked power to engage in military force against HIS purported enemies is insane and may irrevocably destroy America’s relationships with our international allies. If the American people do not stand up and make their voices heard soon, we will find that the ideals of Democracy are quickly undermined by the growing power of corporations and demagogue leaders. Democracy requires the full-time involvement of The People in holding our elected officials accountable. We can not do that when we allow one person – even the President – to act outside the purview of congress, the law and the Voters.
    We, The People, have made the mistake of taking Democracy for granted, of believing that we can trust other people to protect our rights while we busy ourselves with other things. Unfortunately, our absence from voter booths, congressional leaders offices and even the streets (in protest) has left a vacuum in the socio-political sphere that has been quickly filled by those who work primarily for their own and their donors interests instead of those of The People.
    The greater the distance between The People and the decision-.making that affects our lives, the greater risk we, The People, are of losing the constitutional rights and protections our predessessors fought, and even died, for. This new law that gives the President the power to wage military action against other countries without first getting congressional approval will only increase that distance, and allow for significant barriers that will prevent The People and those they elected to represent them from even knowing what the President and his adminstration are planning and doing in our name.
  • Alan Carter
    commented 2018-06-06 00:41:14 -0400
    It’s absolutely INSANE to allow such madness to take shape, spreading destruction far and wide as if it could just keep on going on! Such sickeningly violent and destructive behavior for money, war-profiteering and etc. is NO EXCUSE to allow such creepy vile fools to wage the war disease evermore, and it would only backfire in a very very big way. STOP THIS INSANITY!!!!
  • Gerard Vaughan
    commented 2018-06-06 00:26:38 -0400
    DJTrump is no longer the real man we voted-for. I guess he has had “the little talk”. along with a little movie which just happened to include. that (slightly doctored) “Zapruder footage”. Regrow some Balls Donald. for everyone’s sake. You must know you are working like a floorcloth. Buy a gun maybe
    “Put the Boot on the other Foot” – “Turn the Tables”. You know – GROW SOME FKG BALLS !!
  • Christopher and Mary Fogarty
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  • Lakhi Nar
    commented 2018-06-05 16:42:09 -0400
    this would be disastrous && diabolical. dd truth needs 2b told && heard, over && over, again && again!!