On December 18, 2017, in the middle of the night the Israeli army burst into the Tamimi family home and arrested 16-year-old girl, Ahed Tamimi. They beat her father, mother, older and younger brothers and confiscated the families laptops, phones and cameras. Today, when Ahed’s mother, Nariman, went to inquire which detention center her daughter was being held in, the military arrested her as well.

It is well documented that Palestinian children are beaten, abused, and tortured during their arrests by the Israeli military. For Ahed’s sake we need as many members of Congress as possible to sign onto the legislation congresswoman Betty McCollum just introduced to end the abuse and detention of Palestinian children.

Ahed is a high school student preparing for college. She lives in a Palestinian village famous for women leadership in resistance to the occupation. As a young girl, Ahed rose to headlines for her bravery to confront the Israeli soldiers who enter her village on a regular basis. In 2014, at the age of 13, she received the Hanzala Courage Award in Turkey. In 2015, she and her family were profiled by the New York Times Magazine. Now she and her mother are sitting in Israeli jails. No one knows where they are being held or if they are okay.

Tell your member of Congress to sign onto H.R. 4391 to make the condition that US military aid to Israel not be used for the abuse and detention of Palestinian children in Israel’s military court system. Then share on Facebook and Twitter that the Israeli military must release mother and daughter activists Ahed and Nariman Tamimi.


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  • Will Griffin
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    Terrorist, occupier, human rights, child and woman enemy Israel.
    You will not succeed.

    Terörist, işgalci, insan hakları, çocuk ve kadın düşmanı İsrail.
    ***Rachel Corrie…Ahed Tamimi…Fevzi El Cuneydi…and others for people.

  • Alaeina Virgilio
    commented 2017-12-20 00:22:03 -0500
    The Holocaust was a horror on a scale NEVER before or since known. But how does one evil justify another?? Seventy years of occupation, murder , land theft, cultural oppression, forced exodus, and brutality on the part of the Israeli government to the Palestinian people can NEVER be justified! And the deep outrage is, the forces within the offensive government of Israel, who causes all these acts, like the psychopath it is, are NEVER satisfied with the amount of territory it wrongfully takes fool it’s neighbor. Is it wonder some of the middle east more outspoken Arab majority nations call Israel a terrorist country, demanding it wiped off the map?? While the majority of Israeli citizens have not caused nor participated in the war crimes and massive human rights crimes against the Palestinians, some have, at the behest of the government. Israel has a ton of fucking nerve claiming “dangerous rhetoric” from countries like Iran, while it continues to brutalise, oppress, outright take by force, and illegitimately occupy Palestinian lands.

    The time for the US to cease every last shred of complicity in this pattern of evil is long since past. Israel shouldn’t receive one FUCKING DIME of US taxpayer money, while Palestine languishes within a stone’s throw, many or most of its citizens forced to live as squatters, in desperate or Third World conditions. Israel should not receive one DIME of MY hard-earned income that I send to DC in the form of taxes, while they continue a 70 years old illegal occupation, and all the bloodshed and human rights violations that has come with it!

    Israel SHOULD be forced to withdraw it’s borders back to their 1967 boundaries, at a MINIMUM. It is such a shame that one little POS interest group, AIPAC, somehow has enough sway in Congress to give those Israeli murderers and thugs both on the street and in their halls of government, a grossly undeserved feeling of both arrogance and entitlement, when it comes to American support. I wouldn’t want any country to be oppressed by any other, and while I would support the US coming to the aid of any nation in need, Israel is NOT THE VICTIM, they are the aggressor, and the oppressor, and psychopathic one at that! Why that for the last 50+ years the US has been content to pretty much function as Israel’s bitch, even while receiving virtually nothing in return, I still yet do not know, but the fact that this unholy and virtually 100% unbalanced relationship has endured as long as it has, utterly blows my mind.
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    This is one of many opportunities to support human rights on all sides of the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict. Plz consider signing petition to your Congressperson….
  • Sergio Atallah
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    There was a time when Americans stood for freedom fighters. Maybe one day it will so again.
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    Horrific abuse of human rights in the name of religion? The state of Israel is not acting on behalf of its religion. It has turned into a BULLY that has nothing to do with the religion it is supposed to be defending.