Afghan Women Speak Out: Deja-vu? (+ audio interview)

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

I just posted this new piece, "Put Down The Pom-Poms," to Huffington Post (and it's circulating elsewhere, like on CommonDreams) on Vice President Biden's comments last week that war in Afghanistan is a justified "sacrifice" to "protect" Americans from terrorism. As someone who helped found CODEPINK six years ago in response to the Bush administration's rush into war, his words were a particularly chilling deja-vu...from the piece:
It's shocking, really, from an administration that promised change, this couldn't sound like more of the same misleading rhetoric that tricked Americans into the bloody, unjust war in Iraq. For seven long years, Bush & Co. argued that "Islamist terrorists" of the Middle East would run free and Americans would be in constant danger of another Sept. 11 -- end of story. By inflating the threat of attack with faulty logic, the administration scared Americans into ignoring facts and supporting a massive push of troops into a largely innocent country.

With my piece, I included an Afghan woman's critique of the occupation, in the interview conducted by CODEPINK activist and journalist, Liz Kimmerly. It's really fascinating to hear her voice and learn her perspective, so be sure to check that out, too.

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