Action Needed Today to Stop Anti-Boycott Bill in State Assembly

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

The New York State Senate has passed a resolution that would prohibit public universities and colleges from using any taxpayer money on groups that support boycott of Israeli institutions.  Since the American Studies Association (ASA) has voted to boycott, this resolution targets them and would establish a dangerous precedent that may be used to silence debate and opposition on other controversial issues.  The resolution is being fast tracked through three committees today and could even have a full Assembly vote by the end of today!  Tell representatives in the Assembly that you do not support this bill and you especially oppose it being fast tracked without public hearings on the matter.

Three key members of the Assembly need to hear from as many people as possible, and these calls need to be made today:

If you can only make one call, call the office of Deborah Glick, the chair of the Higher Education Committee: 518-455-4841.  If her phone is busy, try again.  You can also send her an email!

If you can make a second call, call Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver:518-455-3791. If his phone is busy, try again. You can also send him an email

And if you can make a third call, call Herman "Denny" Farrell, the chair of the Assembly's Ways and Means Committee: 518-455-5491. If his phone is busy, try again. You can also send him an email 

If you would like to learn more about this issue, here are talking points and background information.




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