A second cold war?

Biden just released a disgusting video full of lies about China. His attempts to out-Trump Trump on China bashing are shameful and dangerous. Tell Biden to take down his hateful video and show us what a peace president would look like. Right now we need healthcare, not warfare; love not hate.

Dear Supporters,

Have you seen Biden’s new campaign video? It accuses Trump of praising and “rolling over for the Chinese.” How are we ever going to defeat COVID-19 if Biden is joining Trump in whipping up hate, and potentially a second cold war, with China?

Send an email to Biden demanding he fight COVID-19, sanctions, climate change, bigotry, and hatred, not China. Demand he take down the video.

Both Trump and Biden are playing a deadly game trying to blame China. It could turn into a second cold war—justifying yet more money for the Pentagon, creating greater global instability and perhaps even leading to a military conflict with a nuclear power. That is precisely the opposite of what the world needs right now. That’s why we need to hold Biden’s feet to the fire.

We’ve learned not to expect anything peaceful from Trump. When asked on Sunday about the protestors defying states’ stay-at-home orders, he gushed that he had never seen so many American flags. When asked about the overt displays of anti-semitism, he dismissed it saying that he “hadn’t seen” anything. But Biden can and must do better. Send him a message now demanding that he promote cooperation with China and take down his dangerous, xenophobic anti-China video. 

Coronavirus deaths in the U.S have topped 40,000 and the U.S. is only managing 100,000 tests per day. Studies say between five and 35 million tests per day are needed. Given the woefully inadequate state of the U.S. supply of COVID-19 testing and PPE, and the frightening fact that we have become number one in both confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths, Biden needs to be shaming Trump right now for defunding the World Health Organization, not helping Trump divert attention from his gross mishandling of the crisis. Read from our own Ariel Gold on how Unethical, Cruel, and Dangerous it is to cut funding to the WHO and tell Biden to take down his revolting video. 

Towards global solidarity and health, 

Jodie, Ariel, Ann, Asia, Carley, Caty, Cody, Emily, Kelsey, Leonardo, Makena, Medea, Michelle, Nancy, Paki, Teri, and Yousef

P.S. Want to learn more about China’s response to COVID-19 and why it is dangerous for the U.S. not to cooperate with them and the World Health Organization? Here are some recommended readings: 

De-Funding the World Health Organization: Unethical, Cruel, and Dangerous for the World, by our own Ariel Gold

How China Broke the Chain of Infection, by Vijay Prashad, Du Xiaojun – Weiyan Zhu

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