Don’t let Biden join Trump’s warmongering against China!

Biden is joining Trump’s dangerous and deadly blame-game against China, releasing a dangerous and shameful video accusing Trump of “rolling over for the Chinese.” This could turn into a second cold war—justifying yet more money for the Pentagon, creating greater global instability and perhaps even leading to a military conflict with another nuclear power. How are we ever going to defeat COVID-19 if Biden has joined Trump in whipping up hate against China?

U.S. residents: fill out the form to email to Biden now demanding he be a President for Peace and take down his dangerous video. Tell him that you need him to fight COVID-19, sanctions, climate change, bigotry, hatred, not China.

To Joe Biden:

Your new video talks about truth and lies, but then spreads lies accusing Trump of giving praise to, and “rolling over for, the Chinese.” How are we ever going to defeat COVID-19 with you joining Trump in whipping up hate, and potentially a second cold war, with China? TAKE DOWN YOUR VIDEO IMMEDIATELY!

Coronavirus deaths in the U.S have topped 40,000 and the U.S. is only managing 100,000 tests per day. Studies say between five and 35 million tests per day are needed. Given the woefully inadequate state of the U.S. supply of COVID-19 testing and PPE, and the frightening fact that we have become number one in both confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths, the U.S. should be learning from, rather than bashing, China. What parts of their social distancing were most successful? How are the Chinese people returning to normal life without a vaccine? This is what being a president for peace looks like and it is the opposite of your latest video.

The U.S., and the world need you to be calling for cooperation right now with China (and the WTO and the rest of the world), instead of trying to outflank Trump in bashing the Chinese. This is what real security looks like and our global health depends on it. IMMEDIATLY TAKE DOWN YOUR XENOPHOBIC ANTI-CHINA VIDEO and start advocating for healthcare, not warfare!


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