A Mother's Day Message from Sister Rosemarie

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Peace, Mothers throughout the world,

How blessed we are to communicate today and join our spirits in the true spirit of the day - "Disarm!"  Though I am unable to come to D.C., it is such a comfort to gather with you here at the Ocean Mother's edge in Cambria, California.  I will spend the day in prayer with you.  I will wear my pink socks as walking with Codepink footprints of peace, and Buddha, and Jesus and all the wise and holy ones who teach us the way of peace.  Yes, we women and mother's banding together have power to save our children and to save the earth.  We will find the way together and be instruments of the Spirit to create a family of humankind that will no longer allow children to carry guns or to train for war or to kill other mother's children or to play games of war. We will share the resources of the earth with one another and bring the world to wholeness and all that  the Creator blessed us with for good. We will ask forgiveness for our errors of the past, especially this war machine that we have built up all over the earth and for the terrible things our armies have done in the name of war.  We will tear it down and begin again and use our resources more wisely. We will learn to dialogue and to know one another and respect one another. Let us sing gratitude and blessing and power and peace together this Mother's Day - 2009.

Yours in the Christ Light,
Sister Rosemarie

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