A Decade of International Women's Rule

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Guest blogger Annette Rondano is a small business owner and single mother of two in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I call on the women of the world to unite and create One Decade of International Women's Rule.  Ten years is all we will need to make the world livable again.  Our priorities would look like a mother's laundry list:

Year 1:  Why aren't these people fed? Plan: Feed the hungry.

Year 2:  You call that a house? Plan: House the homeless.

Year 3:  You are NOT going to drink that stuff! Plan: Safe drinking water and sanitation systems for every being.

Year 4:  Clean up this Planet right now! Plan: Environmental reforms and new technology.

Year 5:  Do your homework this minute! Plan: Educate everyone.

Year 6:  Where did you learn how to share? Plan: Develop a fair monetary system!

Year 7:  OK - time out you two! Plan: Mediate disagreements and eliminate all military equipment.

Year 8:  Plan for the next decade.

Year 9:  Plan for the decade after that.

Year 10: Celebrate! Everyone is fed, housed, clothed, safe, educated, and prepared for a working world.

We know that Barack Obama is right:  "And so sometimes I think that if you just put the mothers in charge for a while, that things would get resolved." Just imagine a decade devoted by women to cleaning up the mess that has been left behind after a thousand years of male dominance. It's time. Let's make it happen.

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